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Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers)

Benefits of SOI.
How To Join
Create your own SOI Entrance
How do I create my own entrance to SOI?
What is the syntax for a link?
What is the syntax for a form entrance?
Password Information.
How do I set the password on my account?
When am I prompted for my password?
How does security work here at SOI?
E-Mail Questions.
Can I send E-Mail to people outside of SOI?
Can I receive E-Mail?
What is my e-mail address?
Can I get my e-mail using Eudora or another similar e-mail package?
What is the configuration information for Netscape E-Mail?
Can I change the E-Mail domain for my mail?
Does your mail handle attachments?
How long does E-Mail Stay Around?
Nickname/Primary Name Information.
How do I add and delete my nicknames?
How can I change my primary handle?
How do I color my names?
Creating A Home Page.
How do I create a Home Page on SOI?
How much web Space do I get?
How do I set up a counter?
What is HTML?
Do you have any HTML instructional Links?
Room Create/Deletion Information.
How do I create and delete rooms?
How do I change the room name?
What is the "Room Server"?
What is the difference between free, public, and private rooms?
Can I change the information associated with a room?
What is the 'Room Category'?
How do I decorate my rooms?
How do I get image files to your site?
Handy Substitution Sequences
How do I 'drop a link' to another SOI room while in SOI?
How do I roll dice or produce random numbers?
Inviting People to Private Rooms
How do I invite people to private rooms without using passwords?

Benefits of SOI

Account Password Related Questions

Nickname/Primary Name Related Questions

If you are not sure what colors are available, or how to make them, here is some information on colors supplied by Windy or this Color Chart by SSR.

E-Mail Questions.

Room Questions

Creating A Home Page

With a citizenship at SOI, you get 4 Megabytes of served disk space and a maximum transfer rate to the net of 25 Megabytes/day.

Please read our conditions of use for a description of proper usage of SOI http served space.

If you know how to write in HTML, you can create your own home page. (You can get help with HTML here or here or here)

If you want to add a counter to your home page... go here.

For each of your nicknames.. you get a directory.. and if there is a file in that directory called 'homepage.html'... that is your homepage.

You can create a home page simply by clicking on [controls]..then [nickname controls].. then clicking on the nickname and pressing the EDIT HOME PAGE button. If you use the SOI editor to create your homepage..the page must be less than 20,000 characters in size.

You can also create a home page on your computer (under the filename homepage.html) and then when you have created your page, you can copy the files to SOI using "FTP", which stands for File Transfer Protocol. There are two FTP Methods avilable for your use. The first is provided through "anonymous" FTP access and the second is provided through account based FTP access.

The anonymous FTP access is the original style of uploading files. It is a little complicated to use the first time, but, after the first time it gets easier. If you would like to upload your files with this method, click here.

The account based FTP is simplier to use and provides direct access to your FTP area. This method is still under development and may not be available at the moment. To find out if this is available, and for the instructions, click here.

If you want info on posting sounds files from web pages.. click here

Handy Substitution Sequences

We provide the ability for you to drop a link to another SOI room with a handy short-cut sequence.

Simply type the sequence #r- followed by the room ID, for example, #r-e1, and the e1 will automatically be changed to a link.

You can use this technique when you are chatting, or, when configuring text for display to the left or under the chat box in a room of your own.

If you would prefer to specify the text that is displayed.. rather than just having the room ID displayed.. you can use the syntax #r-roomid(text). If you do this.. then.. a link will appear in which the "Text" is clickable.

If the room is a private room (which normally requires a password to enter), you can attach the codeword to the link so that anyone clicking on the link will be able to enter without needing the password. For example:

Where: Note: If you attach a codeword in this manner.. anyone can see the codeword... and anyone clicking on the link will be able to get into the room.

If you wish to display an image rather than a plain text link, you can use the following syntax:

#r-roomid(<img src=http://whatever/ alt="text">)


#r-roomid(<img src=http://whatever/ alt="text">),codeword

There cannot be any extra characters in this command sequence. That includes no extra spaces. Any of the IMG HTML modifiers will also work. The ALT HTML modifier is a good one to include in the IMG statement. If someone is running with images turned off, then, this text is displayed in place of the blank image icon, which, allows the viewer to still understand the purpose of the link.

For more information on this, click here.

Rolling Dice/Random Numbers

We provide the ability for you to roll dice in a chat room, as well as generate a random number.

This table summarizes this feature:
Example Result
<roll die>
This command rolls a six sided die
<roll d10>
This command rolls a 10 sided die
<roll d[number]>
This command produces a random number between 1 and the number provided, inclusive. For example, <roll d22> will produce a number between 1 and 22, inclusive.

If you would like to have a new specific-sided die available, with a specific set of images to display the result, just send a note to seph. If you can provide the images, she can make that happen.