Account based FTP Access

There are two ways to upload files to SOI. The first is through an HTML upload, and the second is by using account based FTP access. This page describes the account based FTP access method.

If you would rather use the HTML upload, click here instructions.

A little about FTP

FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol" and is used to transfer files from one computer to another.

There are many FTP programs available. For the windows environment, some of the programs have names like "CuteFTP" or "Chameleon". In addition, Windows NT and Windows 95 have 'built in' command line FTP which is activated by opening a DOS window and typing "FTP".

One of the most popular FTP implmentations on the MAC is "Fetch".

Many browsers also have FTP 'built in'. However, these FTP are anonymous only FTP, and are not usable for this account based FTP access method. If you do not have access to an FTP client product, but you have netscape 3.0 or microsoft 3.02a or later browser, use the HTML Upload method.

Account based FTP Instructions

The account based FTP access provides direct access into your FTP area. For the person who understands the various FTP commands, it provides the best access.

The following are the steps for account based FTP:

  1. The first step is to find the information you will need to connect to, and log into the account based FTP server. To do this, go to the chat site and click on [controls] and then [FTP Controls] and scroll down to the box entittled "Direct FTP Access".

    There you will see a box that contains the FTP server address (currently and your FTP username and password. You may change the FTP password if you like.

  2. Now that you have your FTP information, start up your FTP application and connect to the SOI FTP server using that information.

  3. After you connect to the SOI FTP server, you will see two directories. One called "nicknames" and one called "rooms".

    The nicknames directory contains subdirectories, one for each nickname you have registered at SOI.

    The rooms directory contains subdirectories, one for each room you have registered at SOI.

    You may move up and down the directory tree, to the room or nickname subdirectory that you want to place your files in. You may not upload files to the "root" directory, and you may not upload files into the "nicknames" or "rooms" directory. You may only upload files into the nickname and room subdirectories.

  4. If you are trying to decorate a room, you must upload the files you are using as icons or backgrounds to the appropriate room subdirectory. After uploading the file, you must select the background or icon for use by returning to SOI, clicking on [controls], and then clicking on [Room whatever]. You will then be able to select the file as a background or icon.

  5. After copying files into SOI, you may view the contents of the room and nicknames directories by returning to SOI, clicking on [Controls], and then clicking on either [Room whatever files] or [User whatever files].

Thats it.. *smile*.. you have now completed using the account based FTP access into SOI!