State Of Insanity
Treasury Department

Hello There. My name is Seph and I am the Secretary of Treasury for the State of Insanity.

What is the State of Insanity? Well...

All of the above is only part of the mystery and allure of SOI... *smile*.. the most important aspect of SOI, is the quality of its citizens and visitors.

How to Join you want to Join SOI.. *smile*.. So... What is the current cost of joining? Well, new citizens must pay a $10.00 registration fee and purchase a minimum of 4 months operating time. If you are a new citizen, as of 10/8/95, you may pay one of the following amounts:

In addition, because the population of the State benefits whenever a new person applies for citizenship, a bonus of 1 month free is given to any existing citizen who sponsers someone else. (The new person must name the sponsor when they join. Account moves and additional accounts do not qualify for this offer.)

Once you are an existing citizen and are renewing, you may pay one of the following amounts:

If you are an existing citizen of one of the sister SOI chat sites, and wish to move to SOI, you pay the following amount:

For instructions on how to pay by Credit Card, Click Here.

For instructions on how to pay by mail, Click Here.

Anyone who uses SOI is subject to our Conditions of Use.

Thanks... for the interest... we hope you enjoy your stay at SOI. We love visitors... we love citizens... we are happy to be doing what we are doing... *smile*.... thanks again... Love...Seph

Last updated 9/24/98