State Of Insanity.
Department Of Defense.

Hello There... My Name is Persephone, Seph for Short.. but you can call me Captain...

So you are wondering.. just how secure is the State?... Can your account be broken into?.. Well, we never say never, but, here is how the security works...

Everytime you login, a check is made to see if the account you are using is "unlocked" to the IP address you are using at that moment in time. If it is, you are let in. If it is not, then you are prompted for a password.

So, if you have an IP address assigned to you, you can decide whether or not to leave the account unlocked. If you dial-up using an access provider and dynamic IP addressing, or you use a general set of facilities that may cause you to use different IP addresses, then you will be prompted for your password each time.

There is a "Lock" button on the [Local Controls] screen, and if you set that button and hit SUBMIT, your account will be reset and require a login at all IP addresses.

Also, every once in a while, all accounts will be locked and you will have to enter your password on those occasions. Please note that bookmarks are totally unaffected by this process. Bookmarks do not hold any password or IP information. If you have a laptop that you use at two locations, you do not need a separate set of bookmarks for each.

Also note that password prompting occurs "In stream".. that is, you do not have to go to a special place to enter your password. If you are prompted for a password, and enter it correctly, you will be placed in whatever room you would have otherwise been in, had you not been prompted.

So, to be safe, you should probably check the "lock" button and do a final Submit each time you are done visiting the State. This will then require that a password be needed to get into your account. However, if you have a IP address assigned to you, that you are really, really, really sure noone else can use, you can leave it unlocked at all times.

If you forget to do a lock from a dial-up or shared facility, your account is probably still safe, because the next person using the IP address would have to know about this site, and know the account name that last used that IP address. Which is not very likely. In any case, if you use dial-up facilities, you should lock your account before you leave, and if your line drops before you get a chance to lock the account, you should lock it as soon as you reconnect, or, the next time you logout.

If you have any further questions on security, or have any ideas on how to make this page clearer, please send mail to me, Seph.

Thank you... and have a nice Day!... Sincerely, Captain Seph.